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Kyoto Club launches "100 Energy Efficiency Good Practices"

March, 18th 2016 / Kyoto Club offices
Via Genova 23, 00184 Roma

Cold Energy will participate in the challenge set by Kyoto Club: collect at least 100 real experiences related to the energy efficiency, worthy for quality, innovation and results, to make them known, disseminate, support and replicate, ori...


RSE and Sviluppumbria S.p.A. promote energy efficiency

February, 24th 2016 / Offices of Sviluppumbria S.p.A.
Strada delle Campore, 11/13 - Terni

The February 24th, 2016, ACT will participate in the workshop organized by RSE S.p.A. (Research on Energy System) and Svilluppumbria S.p.A. in order to promote energy efficiency in the air-conditioning field. The event will be an opportuni...


"Italy and the climate and circular economy challenge. After Paris and towards the EU 2030 objectives".

February, 16th 2016 / ISMA Conference Room - Senato della Repubblica
Piazza Capranica, 72 - Roma

Kyoto Club annual conference will be held on "Senato della Repubblica" premises (ISMA Conference Room ) on February, 16th 2016. The conference takes place every year on the occasion of Kyoto Protocol enter-into-force anniversary. The confe...


ACT to Startup European Week (SEW)

February, 2th 2016 / Salone d'Onore di Palazzo Donini (sede della Giunta Regionale dell'Umbria)
Corso Vannucci, 96 - 06124 Perugia

ACT will participate at the presentation event of the Startup European Week, organized in Perugia by the Umbria Research Agency. A week, 40 countries, over 200 Cities: this will be the European Week of Startup, organized by Startup Team Eu...


Cold Energy on "Industria e Formazione"

December 2015 /

Industria&Formazione magazine has published an article about Cold Energy project, following the ACT participation at the XVI European Conference of the Centro Studi Galileo. The article, which appeared in the December issue of the magazine...