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Kyoto Club launches "100 Energy Efficiency Good Practices"

Data: March, 18th 2016

Cold Energy will participate in the challenge set by Kyoto Club: collect at least 100 real experiences related to the energy efficiency, worthy for quality, innovation and results, to make them known, disseminate, support and replicate, orienting, in a virtuous way, policy, standards and funding. Initiative will be discussed extensively at the "Energy Efficiency Conference: innovation and good practices", scheduled for March, 18th 2016.

During the day virtuous cases related to energy efficiency they will be presented in all sectors: industry or tertiary; energy upgrading of residential and non-residential buildings; in services and energy advice; in communication, training or teaching; regulatory, financial or economic; in public administration. Eng. Maurizio Ascani will expose the Cold Energy project and the positive consequences of its diffusion in terms of electrical consumption reduction and consequent greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Kyoto Club will give visibility and dissemination to the most interesting experiences at national and European institutional level.


Kyoto Club is a no-profit organization, of which Gianluigi Angelantoni, Angelantoni Group chairman, is vice president. Officially founded in February 1999, Kyoto Club is made up of enterprises, institutions, associations and local governments committed to achieve the goals of reduction of greenhouse gases emissions assumed under Kyoto Protocol. To get these purposes, Kyoto Club promotes awareness, information and training iniziatives in the fields of energy efficiency, use of renewables and sustainable mobility. As interlocutor of policy makers, Kyoto Club is also committed to stimulate targeted and incisive intervention proposals and policies in the energy-environment field.


Clicking the link below you can access the organization's website and download the conference program.