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Angelantoni CleanTech (ACT) operates in the field of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency, through these companies and projects.

Angelantoni CO2 studies and evaluates the Carbon Footprint, a method used to measure the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the production and delivery of goods and services.
Angelantoni CO2 promotes the widespread use of this method in order to reduce greenhouse gases and CO2 emission and offers services to private and public users to evaluate the environmental impact produced.

Elianto is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company that offers "turnkey" Concentrating Solar Power plants with Fresnel reflectors (CSP LFR), at a power range between 1 and 10 MWe, to produce electricity and heat.
These plants can be integrated with biomass avoiding fossil fuel consumption.
Surplus heat can be used as solar cooling or as desalinization process.

Solarlight Italia designs and installs photovoltaic solar plants, offering solutions for the energy upgrading of buildings, replacement of asbestos roof materials, photovoltaic canopies, and the construction of photovoltaic greenhouses.
As of 2012, within the framework of a process of corporate diversification and under the name “ENERGAIA”, it supplies turnkey biogas and biomass plants, nitrogen reduction systems and laboratory analyses for the improvement of the biological matrix.

Turboalgor (formerly Cold Energy) project, developed and patented by Angelantoni Clean Tech, concerns a device for energy efficiency in all refrigeration systems, from air conditioning to industrial refrigeration (frozen food, ice creams, etc.).
The innovation is the introduction of a turbocharger, used in the automotive industry, and of a heat exchanger in a refrigeration system for energy recovery with a double benefit:

  • electrical energy saving up to24%;
  • increase of refrigeration plant cooling capacity up to 56%.

The device can be applied to both new installations and existing plants (possibility of retrofitting) with restrained times and costs.


  • Elianto
  • CO2
  • Solarlightitalia
  • Turboalgor