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Being a worldwide leader in clean technologies and solar energy, setting new standards in innovation and corporate sustainability, and combining corporate sustainability with business development and profit.

Promotion of clean technologies all over the world, with a particular focus on the solar sector:

  • Improving human beings conditions.
  • Protecting environmental sustainability.
  • Preserving a livable planet for our children.
  • Focusing on quality and innovative solutions without compromise


  • Ethics/Morals: Respect for human beings, nature, and environmental sustainability.
  • Honesty/Transparency: Treating everyone with sincerity and integrity.
  • Ethics and Rights: respect for human beings and their rights, integrity, and differences.
  • Humanity: Social and corporate commitment.
  • Responsibility: Responsibility for the environment and satisfaction of our staff and customers.
  • Excellence: Making extraordinary efforts for an extraordinary group.


  • Elianto
  • CO2
  • Solarlightitalia
  • Turboalgor